FMI is an agency of God for World Evangelization, multi-faceted, with major emphasis in missions, activating the prophetic, bringing the full stature message, community, fellowship, and evangelizing through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The good that believers do come out of the super abundance of grace received from God. The excess overflow, rebound, and the sufficiency is that which leaves more than enough to do good works. It is the good ground of the heart of a true born again child of God that produces the hundred fold return. 


The hilarious person or giver is the good ground, the cheerful person who gives skills, influence, a network of relationships, wealth, time, teaching, direction, healing, a prophetic word, an impartation, resources, talents, treasures, people, money, and even self. This giver gives hilariously without restraints, the ones who casts off all restrain and is willing to do good is the good ground that brings forth God’s ability to make all grace abound.


The one who is willing to dispense grace in the same way God willingly poured it out will also similarly be the type of person who provoke Isaiah and Comfort that founded the Fullstature Missions International (FMI) in 1993. 


However, it is important to note that the Lord Jesus had appeared to them and working with them and preparing them all their lives for this work. Isaiah and Comfort belonged to missionary churches from childhood and after graduating from University felt called to serve first as itinerant preachers then pastors, church planters, overseers and missionaries.

Rev. I. D. Lawon

FMI International Director

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