Adopt a Missionary - A Missions' Strategy

...a strategy for loving the missionary family as well as the people group, they serve

Adopt-A-Missionary is a mission strategy that has gained momentum in missions over the years. What makes this strategy different is its focus? Historically, churches have focused on countries, and mission agencies have focused their attention on people groups. Adopt-A-Missionary focuses on missionary families, or what we can call message bearers.

For 5 years, my wife and I served as missionary representatives to the Kenyan people of East Africa and for the last 28 years have been helped of God to open the gospel among 40 unreached people groups. Our churches faithfully prayed for us and the missionaries that we served with and our family and church supported them financially. Then, in 1990 we were relocated to Kano among the Kanawas and Magusawas We were led of the Lord to pay more attention to tribal missions where the gospel has never been heard while maintaining a church base. Thankfully, our churches have continued to pray for and support the mission’s effort with this strategic ministry.

Adopt-A-Missionary Defined

What then does it mean to Adopt-A-missionary? It means committing yourself as an individual, fellowship group, local congregation, denomination, or mission agency to pray for and commit resources to win souls, establish believers, administrate the work within a specific people group through a missionary family. This commitment is continued until the believers in that people group can reach the rest of their people without outside (cross-cultural) assistance. We are agents of God praying, giving, and serving to see an adopted family reach out to bring sinners into God's family. This is the true meaning of Adopting a missionary family. One day this will be accomplished and every tribe, tongue, people, and nation will give glory to God around His throne (Rev. 5:9).

Adopt a Missionary Family

Fullstature Missions Church is committed to the work of missions and has developed a ministry to bring into focus the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) set forth by Christ and the support missionary families need.  We ask that your family prayerfully consider adopting a missionary family to be a blessing and to be blessed.  After you have made an adoption choice from a list of names we will give, we encourage you can send your missionary family an email to share about your family and to ask them to share with you. The FMI becomes a bridge to help people you may never know or meet. You can reach out to them during Holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries or just at any time.  Commit to lifting your missionary up in prayer. (PHIL 6)

It is also our desire to support more missionaries through our ministry budget than we currently can do.  The missionaries we support currently are under-supported. In other words, the support we grant is not adequate. In most cases, we are nearly able with weak Naira to provide what will keep body and soul together leaving projects in the field undone.

It is our goal to ensure that every Missionary, supported through what we call the General Fund which includes the “Faith Promise Offering” (FPO), are missionaries we, as a ministry want to support.

The money these Missionaries receive is totally dependent on what is given by the individual or families who have adopted them.

Example:  Missionary “Femi” may have two families in First Baptist Church that chose to adopt him.  They do so for a combined support of $200 per month, one for $75 per month, and one for $125 per month.  Should the family who chose to support Missionary “Femi” for $125 per month be unable to do so for any reason, Missionary “Femi” would only receive $75 for that month.  There will be a “shortfall” and the family who was unable to give what they had purposed to give would not be contacted and asked, “Where is your contribution”.

If you have a desire to support a Missionary, please feel free to fill out an “Adopt-A-Missionary Request Form” and return it to the ministry office.

Build a Relationship

Develop a relationship with your adopted missionary family.  Learn about their ministry and their ups and downs so that you know when to Praise God with them and when to lift them up in prayer.  Being a missionary can have very hard at times and there is a great comfort when a missionary knows that God is always there and that there are people supporting them at every step.

Faith Promise

In addition to your commitment to getting to know and pray for your adopted missionary, you may consider supporting your missionary financially.  Among some of those greatest difficulties that missionaries face is having their financial needs met.  Missionaries typically spend a significant amount of time raising monies to support their ministries which in turn reduces the amount of time out in the field.  Would you prayerfully consider financially committing to your missionary? If you agree please fill out the form below.