What We Do


Adoption of people groups means that a body of believers be it a church, a home group fellowship or youth group working together with FMI to take on the responsibility to care for just one unreached people group.


Every team can have varying degrees of responsibility depending on what they can maintain (manage)

Caring for a people group until they can care for themselves involves:-


Development projects

There was team that started praying for a tribe where they had never been and have never been in contact with but as they prayed, God answered and they discovered later that while they prayed God gave a dream to a young  man in that tribe about the message of the gospel and even the name of Jesus. 


This was known when some young people decided to treck the mountains to locate this  tribes who never heard of the goodness of God.  God heard the specific prayer regarding that tribe.  This can still happen now.


Adopting a people is about helping missionaries or Nationals to get to a people group helping and caring for then until they can care for themselves and help others ultimately