Adoption is a commitment made by Fullstature Missions International to see the establishment of a strong church among an unreached people group.

The Adopt-A-People program is a FMI-to-field partnering program designed to develop strong identification and involvement between FMI and nationals which is working with or plans to work with a particular people group.

Usually a People Group (or people) is a significantly large ethnic or sociological grouping of individuals including children, jobless youths, disadvantaged adults who perceive themselves to have a common affinity with one another.

We are physically present with serving missionaries and their families in Nigeria ( pioneer church planting among 12 people  groups (Bussawas, Bassanges; Kemberis, Bokos, Hausas, Bokobarus, Barubas, Batonous, Tivs, Fulanis, Gandawas, Dukawas).

We have a central city church as a base in Ibadan, primary school work), Togo(street children work), Ghana (training, pioneer church planting and networking, saturation church planting), Guinea Bissau(pioneer church planting (among the Madingas), education mission-primary and secondary school plants; discipleship school nationwide, writing and publishing in the local language; Media work for evangelism, and medical work).

We are registered in South Africa as an organization. We work in Tanzania among the Iraqw tribe, rescuing young people and education missions, mobilization in churches with outreaches to Kenya. We are working among street children in Burundi, mobilizing in churches, Radio work and ministry among pastors.

We are registered in the UK and the USA and we do basic mobilization through our Board of Trustees in the country. We run through a lot of countries like Malysia, UAE, Turkey, Zimbabwe etc but have folded up the work in those places.


If you are interested in adopting a people group to sponsor, kindly click on the icon below to proceed. Thanks.