Basic Needs for Children Awaiting Sponsorship

The Goal: Meeting Children’s Needs

Through the care that partners like you provide FMI is able to meet the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of children all over the world. We take in the children who are most desperate for care, with the faith that partners will sponsor each of them. During the time between a child entering our programs and finding a sponsor, their needs are met by funds from our reserves. When partners like you provide for the care of these children, it allows FMI to move forward with other much-needed projects like building schools, taking in new children, and improving care.


The Need: Funding the Basics for All

It is our goal to ensure that each child we serve has multiple sponsors to meet all of their needs. Each time FMI takes in a new child, we immediately begin seeking sponsors for that child. In the meantime, FMI must draw on other funding sources to meet that child’s needs. The funding you provide for these children awaiting sponsorship ensures that FMI Is able to continue adequately meeting the needs of every single child.


The Plan: Raising Children Who Transform Nations

By partnering you invest in the people, and providing the opportunity for the children that will one day become the  future leaders of their nations. It is because of these opportunities and investments that these people will one day bring lasting change to their communities and nation.


If you are interested in sponsoring any one of our children in any of our location please click on this icon                         to become a sponsor. Thanks.