Lack of access to medical services is the most urgent problem facing most of the unreached people groups where FMI missions are located in Africa.  People routinely fall ill and die from curable diseases or have to travel long distances for basic medical care.


This project supports the construction of Village Health Centers where our missions are located in Africa.  The Health Centers will meet basic health needs for these remote villages of Africa.


The projected Village Health Centers will do the following:

  • Make available the regular pre-natal care to pregnant women  

  • Impediments during childbirth will reduce

  • The rate of vaccinations for children will proliferate

  • Illness and death from preventable or easily curable diseases will diminish

  • Reliance on traditional healers for modern diseases will diminish

  • Immediate first-aid for injuries will be made available

  • Reduce the cost and danger of travelling to remote health centers which could take more than one day due to very bad and non-travel-able road


Besides improving the community's health, the Village Health Centers in these missions’ locations will also promote evangelization and social development in each of this community. Currently, professionals are afraid to come to these remote locations because they could get sick without access to medical care.  The Village Health Centers will encourage missionaries, volunteers, professionally-skilled missionaries, teachers, agricultural agents, and non-governmental organizations to come to these unreached people groups locations.