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Pastor Godwin Ahlijah the Director of Meaningful Life Ministries (MLI) one of the Missions leader in the country and a member of Ghana Evangelical Missions association   has signify his intention to partner with FMI in the areas of Medical Missions, and provision of water for needed communities through the drilling of bore-hole. In line with this laudable intention, Rev. Appiah and Pastor Godwin traveled together on the 14th of April to the district purposefully to seek out communities that are truly in need of a bore-hole. On the 15th of April they both traveled to survey three deprived communities namely Badule, Jumbo and Opijua out of the three communities, Opijua was the only community that met the criteria needed to benefit from the project.


Expects will still carry out research to ascertain the suitable location for the project in the community before the project will take effect. Opijua is located after the Oti Rivers in the Nanumba south district of Northern Region, there is not single borehole in this community.


Badule another deprived community though did not qualify to benefit from this project, will be benefiting from the district Government water project according to reliable sources, we give God the glory for this development.


We covet your prayer for Jumbo community which also did not qualify for this project, the community is also in critical need water.  


Rev. Godwin Alijah was also on this trip with Jordan Chad a Christian Brother who is an American touring the world, he was able to meet with the students from Nkwanta Secondary School. He shared with them on “The effect of the grace of God and the need to work in the purpose of God” using his own life challenges as an example and encouragement to them 



Lege-ekura is one of the villages that through our partnership with Meaningful life Ministries, a bole-hole was drilled. In this particular village there is no church, the bole-hole gave us an in-road into the village, and we were able to plant a church in the community.