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THE WORK:  Almost half of the population of the nation of Burundi is Children under the age of 15 years, many of which are vulnerable. We seek to reach many of these Children with the gospel. We started Children Bible Club on January 5th, 2013. The Bible Club holds every Saturday in our house. As at this moment, more than one hundred and fifty children have attended the Bible club. The average attendance every month now is one hundred children.  More than half of these Children don’t go to church and have not had opportunity to be saved and have fellowship with God. In the Children bible club that holds once a week children are learning to know God, love God, relate with God and fellowship with other Children. God has been saving children and healing them from sicknesses and diseases.


OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities for Children ministers, Child evangelists to come in and labour with us in this area of ministry.


NEEDS: Televisions, DVD players, Children Bibles in French, Bible story books, Children chiristian movies, toys and clothes are some of the materials needed presently for the Children Ministry. Due to insufficient space for the Children Bible Club we are planning to erect a tent in the premises of the orphanage for teaching children and that will cost $200.


COMMENTS:  We have been teaching children using audio-visual resources and this have attracted many children who have never had opportunity to watch television. We also use power-point presentations to teach the children English Grammer as second language. Many of these children are being drawn to the lord.The knowledge of English they are acquiring has given them an egde above their colleagues.