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There was the story of a missionary who came home on holidays and was invited for a dinner where he met many women of prominence and position. After the dinner, he went to his room and wrote a letter to the wife in the field. He said:


“Dear wife,

I had dinner tonight. The company was wonderful but I saw strange things today. Many women were present. There were some who to my knowledge were one church, forty dispensaries and twenty bicycles”


In his great quest to provide the good news for the hungry millions, he could only see and could only estimate the costly array and the diamonds at the dinner in terms of his people’s need.

This children in Burundi could do with a few more cloths.

If you are an architect you can help design cabins in the missions stations oversees or help build such for field visitors.

If you are an artist and printer you could help the mission fills some regions with branded shirts to draw attention to issues and mobilize many for good.

Supply dolls for children to play in our children centers this Christmas.  Toys will bring joy to the children. Yes you can do it. Just do it.

Donate bikes. It is the transport for the rough roads and on mountain sides.

We invite medics to help save lifes. You are most welcome.

Business men are not left out. Come to any field and see for yourself. Just a trial visit is good enough.

Donate computer for computer labs for children in Burundi and Togo for training the children.

We can package food for children in our orphanages. Food that can be packaged and sent to children who are needy.

Donate time to go and build the nations in Guinea Bissau; Burnudi; Tanzania; Nigeria; Togo etc.

There is need for those who can serve with joy in the field for short terms.

You can donate funds to meet the need of many nationals and workers in the field.

Donate CDC; DVDSs and mass storage devices for media and transferable media for the massive salvation of souls.

Young people are welcome to show the way.


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