Lege-ekura is one of the villages that through our partnership with Meaningful life Ministries, a bole-hole was drilled. In this particular village there is no church, the bole-hole gave us an in-road into the village, and we were able to plant a church in the community.


The people are very receptive to the gospel, presently; the church has 40 adults and about 50 children as members. The chief of the village has given us land on which a temporary church building has been erected.


One of the pressing needs in this village is a preschool to take care of their children while their parents attend to their farms, which is the main source of their livelihood. The chief has already given land for this project and together with his leaders they have made commitment to build the needed structure for the school.


When the structure is completed, the villagers have decided to employ a teacher whom they will pay GHC 50.00, $40.monthly. They are however counting on us as a ministry to provide the needed stationery (i.e. exercise books, textbooks, pencils, slates etc) for the school. We use this opportunity to appeal for support in this area.


One of my observations during this visit is that many of these children in this village are worm infested; presently we are making effort to mobilize dewormers for these children.


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