Illiteracy is an epidemic in most African countries. Bible-based Adult Literacy classes are bringing hope of a brighter future to the people group where we are located in Africa. FMI provides training and materials to use in teaching the illiterate adults how to read and write and share the love of Jesus. Literacy is an effective tool to introduce the Gospel and leads to new, Bible-literate worship groups.


FMI Education Sponsors make it possible for these illiterate adult and even children in the mission to attend school, pre-k through high school.  By providing tuition sponsorships students who otherwise could not afford this opportunity, can attend. These children receive a quality education, develop necessary communication and interpersonal skills as well as important values enabling them to become compassionate leaders in their communities.


An Education Sponsorship for one school year is about $380.00 a year or $40.00 per month. Every penny (100%) of your Education Sponsorship contribution will go directly to support a child’s education.


By becoming a sponsor, you are helping to keep at- risk youth off the streets, and away from violence. Through a tuition sponsorship, you are providing an environment where children can learn at their full potential, develop Christian character, and be encouraged to pursue a better future.


To sponsor the literacy program by donating towards the program, please click the following icon to proceed: