International Endorsements

Rev. Ademola Ishola, PhD; MON

Former General Secretary/CEO

Nigerian Baptist Convention.

The FMI and the ministry team are engaged in getting the Gospel to several nations in Africa and beyond. The ministry is helping to meet a great need in the world today: providing needed material and important initiatives to care for the peoples of the world; preparing missionaries with a vision to reach the unreached peoples of the world.  The FMI attracts sincere, committed, and passionate missionaries and National co-workers. The FMI provides her staff with solid training from some of the best of ministers from around the world.  In addition to classroom training, staff integrates to learn in churches. Many members take short-term trips   to apply what they are learning.

Dr. Obed Alvarez

Chairman of Third World Missions Association;

The New Renewal Missionary Movement, Lima, Peru

I have been a witness for the last 10 years of the marvelous work and ministry of the Fullstature Missions International. Something that has consistently impressed me about Reverend Lawon is that in all his endeavors he has demonstrated that he truly possesses a missionary heart. He genuinely identifies with God's heart for the nations. The results of the FMI as a national Missions organization originating in Africa demonstrate the maturity of the church in Nigeria. For these reasons I believe and consider that FMI will continue thriving for many more decades. Reverend Lawon and I worked together previously in the Third World Missions Association (TWMA). He served as secretary of TWMA from 2005 to 2010 and demonstrated a work ethic and passion of great distinction. My wish is for FMI to continue to grow and flourish and that it would also consider sending missionaries to Latin America. God bless FMI. 

The arrival of Fullstature Missions International (FMI) on the emerging Nigerian (and African) missionary scene has added an unprecedented dimension to the very much acclaimed dynamism of the Nigerian mission movement. With a leadership team that has a strong Biblical foundation, many years of time tested ministerial experience and scholarship, proven record of upright living and integrity, as well as a ministerial and field staff team with such matchless zeal, discipline and commitment to the realization of the Great Commission to any length, the contribution and impact of FMI have surpassed those of its predecessors within the mission community in these few years of its inception.  I am therefore confident that with much more encouragement, support and strategic partnership, FMI will definitely accomplish more for the Kingdom in this very urgent and critical task of bringing the nations to a true worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Reuben Ezemadu

International Director, Christian Missionary Foundation

Nigerian Ministry Center Director, DAI

Continental Coordinator, Movement of African National Initiatives

My experience with Fullstature Missions International, her members and staff has encouraged me to pray for them and recommend them.  May God bless FMI and their team as they seek to expand and reach the world for Jesus’s glory.

Mark R Hedinger, D. Miss.

Executive Director, 

WorldView/Institute for International Christian Communication

Portland OR 97215


The FMI is one of Nigeria’s missional congregations that are a leading model of the true essence of the Local Church: preparing members as global Christians with a passion for the unreached peoples of the world. The FMI is rooted in strong biblical values and has been a veritable training ground for biblical disciples which position her as a relevant ministry in National and Global transformation. The FMI through its leadership has remained a strong prophetic voice sensitizing the church to its priestly calling. I heartily recommend the FMI to the global Church and with prayers that God will increase its value to His kingdom globally.

Mike Adegbile

Executive Secretary,

Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA)