Evangelistic films/movies have been an incredible tool in our missions outreach. When we engage our audience with biblically-based scripts that are well-crafted, combined with good direction, acting, photography, sound and music and bathed in prayer, the results can be tremendous, reaching deep into the hearts of the people. Millions of souls have been won for eternity through Christian films and videos.


The movies are also use for therapy for various emotional issues. The movies and films most of the time open up dialogue and they can be therapeutical, helping people to see the root issues of their spiritual or emotional conditions, themselves, or others in a new light.


Therefore, we need the following to be donated for our evangelistic films/movies:


  1. DVD Player

  2. Projector

  3. Projector Screen

  4. Evangelistic Films/Movies (DVD or CD)

  5. Computer LapTop


If you are interested in donating any of these items, please click on the following icon to proceed: