We found out in the countries where we work that the population are poor and children would rather go the farm with their parents or hock wares along the streets than going to school. Poor feeding is also a major problem in these countries. If we would provide one good meal a day for the young children they would attend school and get an education.

The Fullstature Missions International took it as a challenge to provide one good meal a day for our children with an example in Guinea Bissau. We partner with the World Food Organization that provide food for our feeding Center in Farim from where we distribute the same to Qurandim which serves as a base for 20 other villages from where the children who have enrolled in school come to attend school. This has helped to break the cycle of poverty among many families and helped to allow the children concentrate in the class.

In Togo our experience is different in that we work with street children. We have not been able to feed these children in hostel set apart for them but we partner with the living, extremely poor parents of the these children or from relatives that are still alive. We provide a meal for the children once a week and also provide the school fees of the children in school through the sponsorship of the children by our partners.

It is very expensive to buy food from our International Base and send to these countries but we receive donations of funds and purchase food in-country for the feeding centers. We have recruited cooks that make the meals for these children in traditional taste.

The changes in these children are immediate. Poor feeding have very terrible effects even on the physical looks of people and as soon as they enter these programmes there are health and physical changes.

Good feeding also affect the mental health and attention of the children in class. Many learning disability arise from poor feeding and so concentration, vision and attention span are all affected from these feeding programme.

Many children would have been left with rumbling bellies without the little they are getting. Please join us and donate to the function of the feeding place and even more children and adults are been fed.


If you are interested in donating to the function of the feeding centers, click on the icon below to proceed. Thanks.

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