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Short Term Missions Information


Missions (what the team will be doing)

Construction; Community work; Witness; City evangelism, Children outreach, Women ministry, and discipleship church planted.


Leadership in Ghana

Daniel & Rhoda Appiah – National Missions Director

Ebenezer Ofori Osei-Bonsu – Field Coordinator

Andrew Osei – FMC leader – Kumasi

Amos Teye – FMC leader – Accra

Ebenezer Ofori Osei-Bonsu – FMC leader – Oda

Timothy-Language  specialist


Team size



Partnerships- Nkwanta Council of churches, World vision Nkwanta, GEMA (Ghana Evangelical Missions Association) and The Bible League



1. Travel for about 7-8 hours from Accra to Nkwanta and to some target comminutes. Minister to Konkomba children and women in selected church plant communities and carrying out discipleship programs for the members.


2. Carrying out evangelism in Ashelley Botwe a suburb of Accra.


3. Travel 2 hours to Oda a district capital of Akyem district in the Eastern region of Ghana to carry out evangelism and discipleship programs.


People Information

(Nkwanta)The Konkombas are mainly animist. The main preoccupation is farming, the live a communal life. They are open to strangers, receptive to the gospel but lack understanding due to high level of illiteracy


( Oda) The gospel is not a new thing to the Akyems in Oda but the problem with these centers the ignorance of true practice of the Christian faith. They are highly interested in the supernatural, prophecies and such like.


(Accra) Church work in Accra city has become complex, typical of any mega city, hence, there is a need for power evangelism through the Holy Spirit in reaching out and there is need for more financial resources to carry out church work in the city.



City/Town Information

Accra is the capital of Ghana and it’s located at the coast of the country, it is one of the most expense cities especially in the area of accommodation and feeding. Kumasi is the second biggest city in Ghana, it is 4 hours drive form Accra and it is in the middle belt of Ghana. It is highly populated and it is center of trade in Ghana.

Nkwanta district is located at the northern-most part of the Volta region. It shares its   board at the north with Nanumba district of the northern region and to the East by republic of Togo. It has a land area of 4530 sq Kms with the population of 180,000 people


Country Information

Ghana is located West African coast and bordered by the republic of Togo and Ivory Coast


Age requirement

18 and above



The climate is unique with temperatures in the 80s and 90s degrees during the dry season which is November- April while the rainy season in June-October


Type of Immunization needed

Recommendations included Tetanus/Diphtheria, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid and Malaria prevention, Anti malaria drugs and pain relief drugs



$ 300 - $ 500