Guest Housing-Farim, Ulemo; Accra; Ngozi, Budo Sunday.

Fundraising Goal: $60,000-[each]

Currently Raised:

Still Needed:


The Goal: Excellent Hospitality, Practical Training.

Our guest houses can be used to accommodate hundreds of Short-Termer participants each year. Through these, we will strive to provide a comfortable place for our visiting guests to stay, as well as opportunities for people in our training to gain practical experience in the hospitality industry through internships.


The Need:  Housing
Additional housing is needed to accommodate exploratory visitors/teams each year at the mission’s stations. Teams of doctors, teachers, pastors, and many other professionals desire to invest in and serve the Lord, but we have no space presently. We will get Architects  to give their time to create the plans for the building, which would provide living quarters for exploring  participants and consultants staying in these nations for longer-term positions.


The Plan: Equipping people-one–at-time who transforms their communities
By accommodating teams who invest in the people, and providing the opportunity for trainees to participate in internships in a growing, practical industry, you are equipping individuals to be the future leaders of their nations. It is because of these opportunities and investments that these people will one day bring lasting change to their communities and nation.




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