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1. Mandingos are known to be 100% Moslem but God is changing that statistics to His glory. We do friendship evangelism and show the Jesus Film in their language from village to village. We have a group of disciples now who we are working on and trusting God to use as foundation members of a strong Mandingo church.


2. We have 2 schools (Primary and Secondary) which we use as a bridge to get to the Mandingos and others. The primary school serves 16 villages, some as far as 9km from the school. We have seen God saved and changed lives through the gospel work in the schools. In Guinea-Bissau we still have the full liberty to preach the good news at our schools. We call it moral education.


3. We have a Clinic which we use to help the villagers with simple treatments. Big cases are referred to the hospital in town which many of them run away from. The clinic is also a center to pray for the sick and we have seen God honour our prayers on several occasions.



1. Guinea-Bissau is the only Country in this sub-region that has not been Islamized and Moslems are working very hard both from within and outside Africa to see this happen. We are responding by mobilizing the church into Missions. We accept invitations toJireh Primary School preach and teach in Seminars and Conferences all over the country. Through this we have seen up to 15 youths who received call to full time pastoral work. Some have finished their training and are now pastors while others are in Bible School Training.


2. There are many youths who do not feel called to go for full time work but want to serve the Lord under their local churches. Some do not have the educational qualification the Bible School is asking for (11th grade). For this reason the Lord burdened our hearts to start a 3 month Discipleship/ Missions Training (July to September) to help equip those youths and release them back to serve with their churches. This started in 2005 and since then over 170 have been trained and the Lord is using most of them to do wonderful things in their communities. We presently have 49 of them with us for 2010 session.



1. Many of the believers here do not have much teaching after conversion resulting into weak believers all over the place and sin in the church. For this reason we accept invitations to teach in Seminars and Conferences covering various subjects of Christian faith and walk. We have seen many lives changed and fired for the Lord through this.


2. Since we cannot go to many places and will never have the opportunity to minister directly to many such needy believers, the Lord burdened our hearts to write teaching books in the local language, Portuguese creole which is the trade language in G/Bissau and spoken all over the country. In 2004, during our holiday we worked on 3 books. In 2008 we were able to produce 2 books (the one on holiness is in high demand). They are being used by many pastors and believers and they are our own text books for our DTS. Since 2009 we have been working on 3 new books and trust God to provide funds to produce them by December 2010. The comments of the Guinean editor who is helping to read and edit is very encouraging. So by 2011 we hope to have 8 different books focusing on various areas of believers needs.



Praise God the church building has been put up in Carantaba with the assistance of Farim youths, after about 3 years of serious struggle to do this. The brethren there are happy and in good spirit.



Fullstature Missions International [FMI] will faithfully work with the support of The Bread of Life Fellowship {TBLF] to empower young people to invest their time, talents, and resources inproviding access to education for these children in the countries where we work in Africa. FMI has been providing its Faith Promise Offering [FPO] as matching grant to fund all our projects.We invite supporters of FMI and TBLF to make a difference in Guinea Bissau by helping raise $30,000 for FMI. These funds will go towards a primary and secondary-level academy for 400 children in rural Oio Province of Guinea Bissau. 100% of your gifts will go directly towards the project except bank charges.


What Is The Project?

The $30,000 will go towards the payment of teachers, feeding of children, school furniture, payment of non-teaching staff, transportation to villages in 5 kilometre radius of the school with seven classrooms, an office, a library, toilets and a playing field. FMI Academies are often the first permanently built place of learning many students attend. When FMI performs their initial assessments they focus on the number of students within a 5km radius unable to attend a formal school, the availability of local building resources, and overall accessibility among other variables. With so much instability since independence, coups and counter- coups have made the schools dysfunctional-teachers are unpaid, lack of science equipment. |In this province, FMI schools stand out as the only hope on an ongoing basis for the children to attend school.


Why Education + Schools?

More than 38 million children in sub-Saharan Africa wake up each morning without a school to attend. Countries such as Guinea Bissau have initiated programs, guaranteeing a free education to every child yet lack the financial means to construct enough schools to meet the demand or pay teachers and the training equipment. In many cases, this results in students walking miles to go to school in a neighboring community, scribbling their lessons in the dirt due to  lack of proper learning materials, gathering under a tree to learn or not going to school at all.


How You Can Help and your gift making an impact?

We encourage everyone to donate to this project. We suggest that a family can give the cost of aday's education. The average day of primary education in the US costs $52. That is [$52 x 12months] can provide access to education for a child in Guinea Bissau for one year. Also consider what these giving levels will mean towards the goal:


• 4000 cfa buys 100 bricks


• 10,000 cfa buys 1 bag of cement.


• 24,000 cfa buys a desk for three students


• 50,000 cfa buys a whiteboard[$1 is about 400 cfa.There are other ways that supporters can help the movement:


• Start a birthday campaign and raise funds directly for this project!


• Become a Partnering Group (Business, Nonprofit, School, etc.) or share other ideas with