• This is an urgent call from the neediest peoples in the mission field (Acts 16:9).

  • This time around God is not saying “who shall we send and who will go for us” (Isa. 6:8). God here desires to use the human feelings and compassion He has put in man.

  • The heart of the sensitive and compassionate hearer is stirred as he/she hears and/or sees the plight of his/her fellow human beings.

  • Such becomes restless until something is done to change the situation. Do you have a compassionate heart? Do you feel for others?

  • If yes, this program is for you. If no, pray to the Lord that you may become “human indeed”.



  • There are several needs in the mission field that when met go a long way to bring precious souls into the Kingdom of God, and alleviate some unnecessary and preventable sufferings of our fellow human beings.

  • This can bring joy to many and raise some potential leaders and productive workers in future for our nation and the church of God. It is meeting the needs of Jesus as typified in Mathew 25:34-46:

  • “Jesus” is in prison in some mission fields, will you visit Him?

  • “Jesus” is sick in some mission fields; will you go and care for Him?

  • “Jesus” is hungry and thirsty in some mission fields, will you go and help?

  • “Jesus” lacks clothes for warmth in some mission field; will you take anything to Him?

  • For now, the calls SMO has received of this category are coming from some mission fields in Nigeria. Not too far from us.

  • They are easy to reach, and not too expensive. There is no language barrier; they are our own people, the NAIJA people.

  • These are calls to meet school needs in some mission fields in; Niger, Kwara, Ondo and Kogi states.

  • Do you know what true JOY is all about?


  • Now and anytime!

  • The principal need is to have teachers who will teach in the mission primary schools between mid-September and end of June of the following year.

  • You can indicate your availability NOW for proper planning and follow-up.

  • By doing that, you are already bringing joy and hope to the hearts of many kids and the expectant missionaries.

  1. Any believer who loves God and is compassionate towards the needy.

  2. Any believer who wants to give an offering of 10 months to the Lord, thus taking a class for a whole academic year.

  3. Any believer who wants to give an offering of 5 months to the Lord, thus pairing with another volunteer, covers half of the academic year.

  4. Any believer who wants to give an offering of 3 months to the Lord, thus joining a team of 3 volunteers, covers one third of the academic year.

  5. Any secondary school leaver who fits into any of the above categories.

  6. Any graduate who holds, NCE, OND, HND, or any degree and fits into any of the above (1 - 4).

  7. Any retiree who is still strong enough to go and fits into any of the above (1 - 4).

  8. You NEED NO special teaching training to meet this need.

  • Let us know your intention, when you are available and for how long.

  • Get all the necessary information and decide which of the fields to go.

  • Start informing your people (family and church) about it, for prayers and proper planning.

  • Start saving towards it and mobilize support from friends and relations.

  • Get the contact of the missionary in that field and be in touch for proper information and update to enhance adequate realistic preparation.

  • Get excited about it for the privilege to make God and many souls happy. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Inform others about this great privilege to meet great needs and make great difference in the affairs of God and man.

  • Encourage those willing to go through positive comments and prayers.

  • Provide financial and material support for those going.

  • You can adopt one of the brethren going to take care of his/her feeding for the 10, 5 or 3 months in the field. Not too much is needed in the villages.

  • You can join the large team of those who pledge to feed ONE short termer for only ONE MONTH.

  • Your ONE MONTH CARE can make ONE go!

  • Silver and Gold you have none?

  • You can send school materials (textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, etc).

  • Nothing is too small for a gift.

  • Sign up today!

  • The Lord and the needy are waiting for you!

  • Jethro visited Moses briefly in the mission field of wilderness and offered a very valuable advice that saved Moses stress and gave speed to the work.

  • David took food to his brothers in their “mission field of war” and that gave him the opportunity to save the whole of Israel, took shame and reproach away from God’s name and also fulfil God’s plan for his life (1 Sam. 17:22-58). What would have happened if David did not go to the field?

  • Hanani visited Nehemiah in his “mission field of captivity” and gave him information that stirred up his heart to pray and weep before God until he obtained favour and the needs, both in the field and back home were met (Neh. 1:1-4).

  • Apostle Peter and John visited the Samarian mission field of Evangelist Philip, to help establish the believers in the faith and get them filled with the Holy Ghost; thus empowering them to reach their own people. So when the Lord withdrew Philip suddenly the work went on (Acts 8:14-40).

  • Epaphroditus was sent by his church to go and meet Apostle Paul’s domestic and ministry needs in the mission field. He was such a blessing that made the work more fruitful. The devil got mad at that and wanted to kill him (Phi. 2:25-30 & 4:18).

  • Apostle Paul specifically requested that John Mark be sent to him to meet some needs in the mission field. Even though the young man couldn’t cope with the rigors of the first missionary trip that he went with Paul and Barnabas; he is now a needed hand in this particular mission field (Acts 15:36-40 & 2Tim. 4:11-13).

  • Gives you a unique opportunity to become a co-labourer with God.

  • Gives you a unique privilege to give a feast in heaven as souls get saved through your labour.

  • You graduate from only being blessed to becoming a blessing. Remember Jesus said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

  • You become an instrument in the hands of God to give a great future to a whole community without costing you much.

  • You become a channel through which future great men and women are raised from the forgotten jungles.

  • You position yourself for great blessings and promotion from God because “he that waters shall be watered” and “he that heeds the cry of the poor shall himself/herself be heard when he/she cries” (Pro. 11:25 & 21:13).

  • These are fertile lands to sow into.


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