Isaiah and Comfort founded the Fullstature Missions International (FMI) in 1993.  However, it is important to note that the Lord Jesus had appeared to them and working with them and preparing them all their lives for this work. Isaiah and Comfort belonged to missionary churches from childhood and after graduating from University felt called to serve first as itinerant preachers then pastors, church planters, overseers and missionaries.


The Lord appeared to Isaiah in 1979 promising to send him when he is 40 years old but he would have a first experience in a first assignment. These encounters seems to have been forgotten with the “success” in the first assignment in the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) but when he clocked 40 the acute sense of destiny began to pang on him leading to 20 more encounters, sensing it was time to stop going in circles Isaiah and Comfort resigned from DCLM as trustees and overseers, establishing FMI.


We immediately started an apostolic base and formed a board of trustees to run the mission. We also formed Local missions’ council to run our church base from where we deploy staff. We praise God that after false starts in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Guinea Bissau, Zimbabwe, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, USA, UK, Tanzania, Cameroons, Burundi and South Africa, we now work in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Burundi, USA, UK and South Africa to bring deliverance and development.


FMI receives funding primarily from churches she planted in harvest regions, ministries, churches, individuals and organizations operating churches that plant churches, schools, children centers, farms, feeding centers, clinics, village boreholes and other development projects to help provide deliverance(freedom &liberty) and development to voiceless children, men and women and youth alike in the most remote areas of the world. Many people have been involved in making this vision and movement possible.


A National Board of trustees oversees the work in each country.  The national director and local mission’s councils work with staff to help do the work.  Missionary staff works on church planting, schools, skills acquisition to empower nationals. The Lord records the labours of thousands of individuals and groups who have visited our fields to offer support and wisdom.  Students and special teams have visited these spots in any one year.


Looking back to 1993, our effort to bring deliverance and development to children, youths and adults we have come so far.  In 1993 when we started, Isaiah and Comfort gave the first tithes of a few thousands of Naira and we have seen a movement of excited members and our annual budget going to N30, 000,000 to impact thousands in these nations.


God has brought together persons of like mind, resources of time and money in these years.  We trust God to bless our future with great resources of men, materials and money to care for more street children, disadvantaged youths and many ‘peoples’ that He will send us to as messengers.

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