Fullstature Missions International entered Burundi with a one month survey in September 2011 and by September 17,2012 the missionaries were sent as a family to work in the nation. The Missionaries  spent about 3 months in the capital city (Bujumbura) learning the local language after which they moved to Ngozi province  in the northern part of the country.


On arrival to Ngozi, the missionaries saw a need to evangelize and disciple children as many of them were neglected by families and churches. They started Children Bible Club in January 2013 and hundreds of children have been taught the word and the fear of the lord.  Many of the children are unchurched so they find a place of worship and fellowship in the bible club that holds once in a week.


From the beginning of the children ministry the missionaries saw a need to care for some of the children in an Orphanage which was part of the vision they had before getting to Burundi. Many of the children  don’t have food to eat, they don’t have clothes to wear and many do not have care and support to start going to school even at the age of 7 or 8. On June 1 ,2014 the orphanage arm of FMI work in Buurndi known as GRACE AND GLORY HOME started.


In April 2013, a survey was done among the Twa tribe in a settlement known as vyegwa in Ngozi province of Burundi. An outreach has been done among this tribe which led to salvation of many of them. Discipleship training is on-going among this neglected people group. Fullstature Missions International continues to be a source of blessing to the indigenous churches, children, young people and orphans in the nation of Burundi.




Due to poverty and lack of jobs for young people they are being enticed with jobs by Muslims. The condition is that they convert to Islam and most of these people who are either Catholics or nominal chiristians jump at the offers. The majority of Christians in the country are Catholics. Majority are just religious without having eternal life or it’s fruit.


The large numbers of children in the the nation  provides both an opportunity and a challenge. More workers are needed  to become involved as there are many serious challenges facing Children Ministry.


Children are still generally seen as unimportant to families and the church.  The civil war has increased poverty. Malaria, diarrhea, respiratory infections and the compounding effects of malnutrition are the main causes of mortality and morbidity among children.


Lack of clean water and sanitary conditions are a reality for the majority of the population. 53% of all Burundi Children are suffering from stunted growth. 11% of Children in Burundi die at birth. 19% die before their fifth birthday. There’s Children abuse, they are left to fend for themselves.


About 400 Children are in prison across Burundi and many more in police cells. There is no known ministry with specific focus on Children evangelism and missions. Missionaries are needed to work with national leaders in the areas of discipleship, trauma counseling etc.  Missionaries are also needed to engage the neglected rural areas of Burundi and the Unreached Minority groups.