In your Community we can help you to address the people’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and social need. This is not a funding strategy, but rather a training strategy. Thereby, we equip the individual in the unreached people groups' community to be independent workers and evangelists for Christ. We will empower the people to do things for themselves.


Our mission programs deal solely with the spiritual dimensions as well as the physical needs of the unreached people groups. We can help to equip the community leaders with skills to see their own community’s assets and to address multiple needs instead of compartmentalizing personnel (e.g., pastors ministering to the spiritual needs, doctors treating medical concerns, etc.).


We will also teach the people how to identify their own problems and find a way to solve them, using locally available resources. Through this program, you can prevent diseases for individuals, families, and communities. By providing participants with knowledge concerning basic health principles and practices, it can promote optimal health within your communities.


To join FMI in making all of these happen, you can:


  • Get your friends to use social media to promote FMI.

  • Write a letter to the Christian Fellowship on your campus or in your community to tell them about FMI.

  • Sign up as a volunteer at the nearest FMI office.

  • Organize a fundraising program for the benefit of FMI. (Check out

The lady wearing chains (facing the camera) is a dynamic woman mobilizing her community for Christ in Cuarandim in an FMI program in Guinea Bissau.