We use our marketplace ministry to evangelize the secular workplace, as opposed to homes, churches, or specialized venues (e.g., crusades). Jesus was a marketplace evangelist.  He picked his disciples from the marketplace.  He performed most of His miracles in the marketplace. 


He demonstrated how the Kingdom of God works in the marketplace.  He was out among the people and revealed the Father's heart for people in business.  He shows us the keys of the kingdom for business.  There is a new anointing to take the "gospel of the kingdom" to people in business by business men and women. 


You can share the same gospel message using the following strategies:

  • Tell your co-workers about FMI missions for the Kingdom of Christ

  • Download FMI Apps to your mobile device and ask your Friends to do the same

  • Encourage people you work with to give to the work of the mission.

  • Find out if your employer has a budget for charity or the less privileged.

  • Give a book-gift to your missionary.

  • Organize a fundraising program for the benefit of FMI. (Check out www.firstgiving.com/)

  • Choose FMI for an Easter, Birthday or anniversary Project