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Unreached People Groups


The  following are the unreached peoples in Nigeria we have been attempting to reach:

Bussawas, Kemberis, Larus, Bokos, Hausas, Bokobarus, Barubas, Batonous, Tivs, Fulanis, Gandawas, Ilaje, Ewe and Ijaws in Riverine areas located in 6 locations in Nigeria with a few tribes of migrants from French-speaking and North African countries.



We adopts Education Missions as a strategy but the Schools are poorly funded and are in need of teachers and classrooms:

We desire to replace the mud classrooms blocks:

The schools under trees appeal for Classrooms and teachers:

Discipleship and Church planting as a strategy for out reach is in progress:

This is missionary Sunday Mare (right) and a Disciple - that needs personal support for family, education etc:

We need Doctors and Nurses to visit the fields:

We request for extension workers and graduates in Agriculture and input from those who know how the handy work of these peoples can be enhanced:

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Please contact us: NATIONAL DIRECTOR ( NIGERIA), Fullstature Missions Int’l


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