1. THE WORK: We try to give first aid assistance and meet basic health needs. We treat small cases and refer big ones to the government hospital in town. We also teach basic hygiene to villagers to minimise preventable diseases.

  2. OPPORTUNITIES: There are opportunities for medical personnel. Even short termers can contribute much to the work as there are interpreters to assist. Any medical personnel that are familiar with tropical diseases are very much needed.

  3. NEEDS: We need medical doctors and nurses. We also need medicines especially; anti malaria drugs, antibiotics, pain relievers, multivitamins and supplements. We also need money to buy the drugs from credible local Pharmacies to help villagers get the drugs at affordable prices.

  4. COMMENTS: We desire to have medical personnel stationed at our village clinic. We have not succeeded in getting one yet may be because our offer is not big enough which is informed by the fact that the clinic is not for profit making but for assisting the villagers. We presently have a Christian sister, a nurse, who goes to the clinic when she is off from the government hospital where she works. We do organize medical missions when we have short term medical personnel visiting and it is usually a big blessing to the villagers and our work. Even 2 days can make much difference, giving many people more days to live on earth.  


If you are a medical professional and you are interested in volunteering for a mission work with us at FMI, we will gladly appreciate your support. You can volunteer by clicking on the icon below. Thanks.