Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Burundi, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria.



Join FMI in providing holistic Christ-centered ministry in the countries by participating in short term experience. Our holistic approach includes the four main components of physical, mental, social & spiritual care.

Provide medical care, by administering much needed De-worming medications to the children in the surrounding communities.


Who Should Go?

Medical Professionals: Family Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses, medical assistants and other certified medical professionals.


Also, non-medical team members will be needed to assist in registration, record keeping and visiting with the people  and parents of the children we have.


7 Gates of society

Gates are entrances and there are gates in every society. These gates are used for exchanges in every society—there are seven primary gates: Religion,, Education, Business/Economics, Family, Media/Arts/Entertainment, Governance/Politics, and Science and Technology. At the FMI, we learnt that sociologists have said that it only takes 5 to 10 percent of a population base to create change within any society. There is a strategic importance associated with these gates for prayer because these gates are the access points through which societies are changed. We desire to create changes through these access points among the nations/peoples.


Curious as to how you might fit into our mission? Consider how your unique skills, talents or resources could benefit our ministry either through the total package we provide on our fields or through the Seven Gates of Society we center our ministry efforts around:



Families are the smallest units that God created in every society. Today the family is receiving the greatest attacks. The family is been decimated all over the world but more so among the tribes have been privileged to work. As we have seen mothers helped with their children and seen security restored to homes, joy has entered the families. The family gate needs to be secured in every society. We have seen that as we provided food security to families and giving hope for a future there has been happiness and even excitement brought into these families. We have seen children become transformed into youths and youths transformed into young adults and into parents. These have brought stability and a basis a sane society where love abounds. We intend to do more with your help so that long buried dreams can become a reality.


  • Lend your expertise as a social services consultant.



The issue of religion is an age long matter. However we belief that people want to know where they are coming from[origin] , who they are [identity] and where they are going [hope]. Romans 11:36- "For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things. To him be the glory forever. So be it."


We do not pretend to just provide human services but state clearly the need for people to change their minds and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We desire that the sacrifice of Jesus and His death and shed blood on the cross will become valuable in the reconciliation and restoration process of the peoples of the world. We provide for local congregations in every community where this is desired but not imposed. John 1:4- What came into existence in him was life, and the life was the light of men. We desire with a passion to help people –children, youth and adults find where they "fit in life” FMI wants the peoples to take responsibility for their own lives and fulfill the reason why they were created. We want to see people come to the stature of the fullness of Christ.


  • Partner with our missionaries program and work with our in-country staff to plan future church growth.

  • Are you a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Exhorter etc..? Take a Short Term Trip or serve as a consultant overseas and disciple our in-country church staff and lay pastors.



Education is a major gate all over the world. We found out that what we did not plan into our budgets, God began to execute in the nations. The children began to come up for school and our children became the best students in the areas where we worked. The children became carriers of light into their homes and the parents began to asked questions. The behaviour of the children changed with the knowledge they received. We want to do more in dark regions where ignorance has fostered disease and sickness and superstition and death. We have been blessed with university students who visit these schools on short term basis to teach and in other cases we have been blessed by committed teachers.


  • Join a short term team to work in one of the FMI schools, or become an Education Consultant in one of our countries.


Governance / Politics.

Governance and leadership are pivotal for the progress of any society but in FMI we found that this gate has been too often left to people without godly character. We are leading people into the place where by godly influence the gate of politics can be occupied by people who fear God in our societies. People who will become great leaders are been raised and influenced. We are supporting advocacy groups to raise issues in their societies and communities so that they can make wise political choices now and in the future. We have had the opportunity to meet with leaders in these nations who appreciate what has been happening in their area.


  • Become an advocate for global poverty.

  • Provide legal services or serve as a legal consultant.

  • Support or mentor a law student through our University Student Program.


Business / Economics

In many societies we found out that the gate of economics and business is known by all as a source of influence but very few people know how to operate in this gate for the progress of all in the community. We have therefore sought to introduce micro-credits in the countries.  We have not only taught the people but introduce ways by which economic prosperity will come to all with integrity.


  • Work with our Sustainable Development associates to design micro-finance programs in each of our countries.

  • Donate your professional services as a financial advisor.


Media / Arts / Entertainment

Media is so important as gate of society and we seek to bring influence through this gate. Media has been left for too long in hands which have not changed society in a positive way. An entire populace and their world view can be so twisted by the use of both electronic and print media.  We use radio, print and other media constantly to bring changes in our society. We are stepping up this area as a means to possessing this gate to influence large portions of our society. We are learning to bring reconciliation to all arts and entertainment in these lands.


  • Create or edit videos for use as official FMI-NIGERIA promotional pieces!

  • Are you a professional photographer? Travel to one of our countries to take photos for use in various publications.

  • Are you an artist or tradesperson? Travel to one of our countries and teach a class, creating a skill-based business opportunity.

  • Interested in music? Work with us and create a band. Current needs include developing and creating radio programs, outfitting the recording studio with musical instruments, imparting knowledge to staff (recording, mixing, etc.)

  • Watch a video of our Short Term Team's trip to the nations.


Science and Technology.

Today this has become the gate by which services are delivered all over the world. Through Science and Technology our youths, young adults and adults alike are being introduced to these means of delivering services in a brand new way to the communities.


The influence of this gate in bring change to societies are common and known. A person who neglects IT today becomes irrelevant; with your help we are eager to bring modern knowledge to our societies.


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