Poverty is also thwarting the work of missions and the assertion of the Gospel. With little or no money among the people, tithes are insufficient to cover the cash needed to pay expenses. Hence, pastors struggle to provide for their families while continuing to minister. Spiritual growth and evangelistic outreach become hindered by the pressing needs of survival.


Therefore, micro-enterprise is an essential part of how our missions fight poverty, while at the same time providing us the funding we need to operate – to collect, donate and distribute literally many articles of clothing and shoes in all of our missions’ locations.


It is an approach used toward helping the poor and their communities by providing sustainable jobs to impoverished people through the creation of ultra-small (micro) businesses.  This might mean, for example, selling produce from the farm, having a sewing machine and learning tailoring.  Or a street vendor with an inventory of used jeans or shoes spread out on a blanket.


Micro-enterprise is one of the most effective ways that can be used to create sustained, positive change in places where poor people have virtually no way to earn a living. In fact, enormous majority of people group in our missions’ locations get all of their income from informal, usually unstructured ultra-small businesses having little or no long-term security.



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