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Fullstature Missions International is an agency of God for world Evangelization committed to extending God’s kingdom through missionary training and seeding, engaging God’s people in purpose through activating the prophetic; equipping the believers in Christ through the full stature message; establishing believers, in Christ through fellowship and community and evangelizing the lost through the power of the Holy Spirit.


  1. We value radical PURSUIT OF GOD. We are hungry to know God’s presence, through worship and follow hard after Him. {Psalms 63:1-3 }

  2. We value CHRISTLIKENESS. We desire that through the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus’ love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power, and integrity would shine through all that we are and do. {Ephesians 5:2}

  3. We value BEING SPIRIT-LED.  We value hearing God’s voice. We honor Jesus as our Head and the Holy Spirit as our Counselor and the Administrator of our churches. We seek to be actively responsive to the Holy Spirit’s daily leading of our personal lives and ministries and of the local church. {Romans 8:14; 2Sam 5:19}

  4. We value PRAYER. We believe that prayer is essential, because it is our primary means of communion with God, and because of our personal lives, ministries, missions and of the local church. {Hebrews 13:20-21, Phil 4:6}

  5. We value EQUIPPING MEMEBERS. Our intent is to teach and train all believers to recognize their gifts and calling and yet be united in one body just as God tempered together our physical bodies with many members. We aim first to grow as disciples of Christ ourselves and then to make disciples of others. {Ephesians 4:11-13; Matt 28:19-20}

  6. We value THE KINGDOM OF GOD. We aim to move in the signs of the present fulfillment of the kingdom, invoking the Spirit’s powerful presence, ministering through the Spirit’s gifts, and seeing God heal, deliver and work wonders. {Mathew 28:19-20; Mark 1:14-15}

  7. We value TRANSPARENT LIVES. Believers can remove the deceptive veil that masks their lives. They can reveal their faults with confidence that the presence of Jesus amongst the brethren is enough to bring instant transformation. We can be changed into the same image we behold from glory to glory. {1 Cor.3:1-18}

  8. We value the GRACE AND MERCY OF GOD. We believe that mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation. We, therefore, aim to extend mercy to one another and to all to whom we minister. To lead is to be criticized, to advance is to be attacked. Critics demoralize but leaders lead and motivate and God delivers. {1 Peter 5:5; Phil 3:10,11}.

  9. We value NON-JUDGMENTAL ACCEPTANCE. Only when we freely accept one another just as Christ has received us can believers live together in love and extend charity to others. {Romans 14:1-23; 15:1-33}

  10. We value INTEGRITY. It is important for us to speak the truth, deal honestly, and live uprightly. {Ephesians 4:15}.

  11. We value SERVANT LEADERSHIP. We believe that Christ has put significant leadership authority in the hands of the leaders, pastors and associates. We aim to exercise that authority with humility, selflessness, grace, care for the sheep, fields and a sincere desire to build up the Body of Christ. {Mark  10:37,44-45}

  12. We value THE INDIVIDUAL, single or married, and we want to enable and support mature relationships and family growth. {Phil 2:3-5}

  13. We value UNITY. We are convinced that all who belong to Christ are one in His Body, the Church. We aim to maintain unity by honoring all who call on Jesus’ name and by seeking reconciliation with all parts of the Church.{John 17:21-23}

  14. We value SERVING IN TEAMS. We are honored by every person whom God adds to the Fullstature. We aim to work together to build the Ministry through maintaining mutual respect, open communication, determined cooperation, and believing and speaking the best about each other. {Mark 3 :13-14}

  15. We value REALITY. We aim to walk in the Spirit and see real supernatural works of God. We aim also to function on the natural plain based on God’s leading in conjunction with excellent, relational thinking.{Mathew 15:32-36}

  16. We value SIMPLICITY. We wish to do nothing for “religious effect” but rather to operate in non-hype patterns. We desire to do the ministry of Christ with joy.{Phil 4:4}

  17. We value being CULTURE CURRENT. We aim to develop an atmosphere of ease, and to speak, act, and dress in ways in which the culture we minister in can respond positively. For example, we reflect this value through worship music that is of a popular style. {1 Cor.19:19-23}.