Mobilization through FMI has already impacted more than 20 tribes in Nigeria, Togo, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Burundi, and Tanzania. We have served in UAE, Malaysia, Cameroon, and Zimbabwe in evangelism stopping due to movement of staff. We have registered in South Africa and thank God for the progress so far made there. We have continued to raise awareness through our Fellowship groups in the UK and USA since 2006.  We’re still growing—developing new programs in new countries. It is our vision to reach a voiceless people who will in turn transform their nations.


The only way we can accomplish that mission is to mobilize more partners like you to join us.


Our goal is to mobilize groups of people who want to meet the needs of desperately voiceless people especially the children. By groups, we mean any church, business, civic, or community groups that has a heart for making a positive difference in the world. In every community, there are people who are disconnected from what God is up to. We want to give them opportunities to engage and be changed.


We are ready to strategically expand our field offices with the intent of engaging more groups and impacting more unevangelized people. We want to mobilize thousands and thousands of partners through regional offices and any place we can find many more are ready to serve. We know that having more field offices means more involvement, meals, resources, sponsorships, trips, and transformation of the unevangelized.


Over the next 3 years, we want to establish 100 groups in 20 cities by building teams of staff, volunteers, and partners that embrace the mission of FMI and assist in the mobilization of groups in the community. We hope you will help.