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I came to meet and love Fullstature Missions International in Tanzania through the standard of teachings and seminars held in different parts of the country, equipping Christian and church workers without demanding for any reward in return as we had seen many do. As a leader desiring to see my churches grow most importantly in practical knowledge and manifold power of the Cross, I had jealously brought Pastor Joshua to our pastor’s conference, Sunday services and many other meetings to bless the brethren severally. The result has always left us desiring for more of God and willingness to carry out our calling to the maximum.  By this I had also recommended him and the team to many other ministries. The lovely thing is that he doesn’t refuse to teach or help any church regardless of the denomination. Truly we (Tanzanians) had proven severally that Fullstature Missions International had been sent to empower, equip and challenge us for this end time harvest of the Kingdom of God.


In Tanzania, most of our people live in the villages. For the past 2 years that my ministry had developed friendship with Fullstature, I had lost count of the remote unreached places Fullstature had reached regardless of the odds. Missionary Joshua had humbled us by his willingness to preach the gospel everywhere in this nation. His model of discipleship among rural people through motivating the youths and young adults into active service of the Lord and overcoming poverty even in the villages has been something to learn from.  The Fullstature team seems not to care too much about the conditions they work among our tribal people, they go for the change. They are value and result oriented.


God bless Fullstature for investing so much in our young people in secondary schools, on the streets and as we look forward to the establishment of LIFE CENTRE (to rehabilitate vulnerable youngsters) and other Life changing Project that we also believes in.


It is my prayer that God will bless Fullstature and make her work more blessing to the length and breadth of United Republic of Tanzania and the end of the world. Amen.



Enoch Nyador
Director, Ghana Christian Mission

President, Ghana Evangelical Missions Association (GEMA)

Chairman, Agave Christian Union (ACU)


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The FMI and the ministry team to several nations is helping to meet a great need in the world today, including, providing needed material and important initiatives to care for the peoples of the world; preparing missionaries with a vision to reach the unreached peoples of the world.  The FMI attracts sincere, committed, and passionate missionaries and National co-workers. The FMI provides her staff with solid training from some of the best of ministers from around the world.

In addition to classroom training, FMI staff integrates to learn in churches. Many members take short-term trips to apply what they are learning.  My experience with FMI, her members and staff has encouraged me to pray for them and recommend them. Rev. Daniel Hyde-Appiah, FMI Country Director in Ghana, for example, is a highly respected Missions Leader in Ghana and serves on the Executive Committee of Ghana Evangelical Missions Association(GEMA) as the Training and Prayer Director. May God bless FMI and their team as they seek to expand and reach the world for Jesus' sake. FMI is a noble mission and I give them my highest recommendation.


Fullstature  Missions International and her team is helping to meet a great need in the world of today which is providing needed  materials and important initiatives to care for the street children of the world and also, preparing missionaries in the scope of reaching souls which are ignoring  Jesus.

My experience with FMI staff here has encouraged me to pray for them and recommend them.

The FMI attracts sincere and committed missionaries. It provides her staffs with solid training from one of the best ministers from around the world. Apart from classroom training, staff integrates learning in churches.


I do recommend them to any nation .


Basson Kossi David,   Military Officer.

Assembles of God, Lome Togo.



Pour gagner des ames  pour le royaume de Dieu,

Fullstarture Missions International  et son bureau forme et envoie des missionnaires dans les regions et pays ou la bonne nouvelle de Jesus Christ  est absente. Une fois arrive dans la region ces missionaries se mettent a la disposition de la population.

 Les  missionaries de FMI mettent tout ceux qu’ils ont a leur disposition pour arracher les ames de la main du diable  pour Dieu.

A part le gain des ames, les missionnaires  assistent la population par les  action socials tels  que; Assister les femmes et les alphabetiser.





The Church of The Living Stone Lome Togo.


FMI in Burundi is making Children Ministry to grow. The ministry team of FMI that came to our nation from United States and Nigeria taught us the best way to serve God as well as imparted to us knowledge in the areas of prayer. The missionary in Burundi brought comfort to our local churches with his message and he has a good testimony since his arrival till now”


Pastor NDIKUMANA Emile

[Resident Pastor of Eglise du Rocher

(The Rock Church) Ngozi, Burundi]


“FMI work in Burundi has indeed affected our local churches and the community positively as we have seen behavioural changes in the church and in the community. The ministry team of FMI that came to our nation from United States and Nigeria in September 2013 impacted my life, my church and the community. They taught the word of God that is useful and necessary in the church and in the community. FMI in Burundi is useful, we pray to God to make the ministry stronger and stronger”-


Pastor Egide Nizigiyimana

[Pastor of Burundi Assemblies of God, Ngozi Province.]


“ We thank God for the Fullstature Missions International because we had learnt interesting courses during the discipleship programmes and also we continue to help children in groups so that they can grow up in a good way as we have been challenged so these children can build nations. The missionary to Burundi has helped us in many ways and the ministry –FMI team that visited our nation from Nigeria and the United States of America helped us in prayers for our families, nation and Africa in general. ”


Apostle Pascal Irandangiye

[Founder, Agape Full Gospel Church, Ngozi, Burundi]


WEC International Report


The Yisas (Kehinde and Zacchaeus) arrived in Guinea Bissau with a special calling to serve the Lord among Mandinga, in the early year of their arrival they found quite difficult with the expectation of having Immanuela born in the new place. They proofed how faithful God, who called them, was through that and during many years of serving the Lord in Guinea Bissau.

They were quickly adapted to the culture and learning the language. They were so loved by brothers and sisters in Christ also out of the church. After learning Creole, they moved to Farim, north part of Guinea Bissau where they started learning Mandinga and started working along the church to reach Mandinga.  In Farim they were accepted by the Church and they tried to take the church along them to serve Mandinga.


During 17 years on the field (Guinea Bissau) they served faithfully to Mandinga, but also they were invited to preach, teach around this country. They served the Lord with humble heart and led  the believers with servant heart.  In their preaching they preached the good news with their lives and talents. They committed to every ministry that was given to them and with love of Jesus they carried and presented them to every one.


In our fellowship, they always were ready to help everywhere was needed, and they adapted very well to every nationality that we have in WEC. They gave every help like teaching, preaching, hostess, doing pratical work.  Zacchaeus was a member of our field committee as well our BCS  (Bourafaye Christian School in Senegal) committee member until they left Guinea Bissau. The Evangelical Church of Guinea Bissau asked Zaccheus to be a counselor of the national council of the church and that remained until they left the country.


We were so impressed with their commitment of serving the Lord without thinking of themselves like their right for having holiday, rest and having facilities to support their ministry. During the civil war 1998-1999 they remained in the country and again they proofed how faithful God was to them. God used them more than ever during that war. 


In the financial part, they had just enough for their daily needs, they never said or talked to any one about their needs and on the other side God was just the One Who supports and provides their needs. The four pillars of WEC never be a strange to them, they live in side that and God Who they served never failed to supply their needs. During rainy season Zacchaeus was doing farm works, but he never left behind the ministry that God had put in his hands.


He could combine the pastoral care and the works of reaching out to the Mandinga. They built school in the village include high school in Farim, those school were faith project and again God was with them for those projects, finally they established Bible training course during rainy season for those who wanted to serve the Lord with their talents and gifts. Many young people passed this training and some of them have entered  the Bible School to serve the Lord as full time ministers.

Praise the Lord the work amongst Mandinga, School projects  and the Bible training course are still going on under  the service of those who  had been trained and invested to their lives by Zacchaeus and Kehinde.


Praise the Lord! We want to thank you members of the Fullstature Missions that let the Yisa family come to Guinea Bissau and also for Zacchaeus coming every year from July to October to help and lead the Bible training Course in Farim.


To God be the glory, honour and praise, the Yisas are a big blessing to us all in Guinea Bissau.


Ruth de Jesus and Titus Dima

WEC Guinea Bissau field leaders.


David Whitehorn <djwhitehorn@gmail.com>,

Titus Dima <sabu_ingore@yahoo.com>;

Ruth de Jesus <rthjesus7@gmail.com>



Evangelical Church of Guinea Bissau

Iegb09@yahoo.com.br    /hotmail.com /gmail.com

BISSAU, 14 August 2014       




Arrived in Bissau in 1990, the pastor Zacchaeus and his wife Mrs. Kendy Yisa passed by a probationary period usual and technically established by WEC Mission International for their missionaries.


While directly connected to their Mission, and locally in partnership with Mission WEC, and the similarity of many other missionaries, the family Yisa began to interact with the Evangelical Church, participating in the activities of this, wherever it is!


The Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau has its Structures scattered throughout the National Territory, it has taken a long time, when the pastor Zacchaeus understood and knew communicate well in Creole, if involved quickly and seriously with the Ministry of the Word of God in all the Structures and Evangelical Churches Places through:

  • Views of Movies with Christian themes of problems of today.

  • Counseling, etc. the invitations of their leaders, especially, of the institutions of the Christian Education of the Country, as for example, the Biblical Institute of Intchombe, where has taught many times the God’s Word annually!

  • Also, many times, every year, he has taught various topics in seminars for the ladies of all Evangelical Denominations in the Country, in their regular meetings!


He and his wife have a Rare Ministry of Word to all congregations of the Evangelical Churches in the Country! Has the unknowable God for thousands of Evangelical People here!

In a few years, they have already had and now has his disciples almost in all the local congregations of the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau , as well as, in other denominations also, primarily, because of Christian character and the training that they give annually to the young lay people of local churches! Your Ministry is very flourishing here and they are very much sought after and loved ones within the Evangelical People of Guinea-Bissau.


They founded a missionary School in Farim, North of the Country, where they train annually, during three months, as it’s happening at the moment, more or less, 60 (60) young people from different quarters of our Territory and neighboring countries of the Gambia and Guinea Conakry, to prepare to be local missionaries in their respective churches. The Seminary is located in Farim, one of the cities with inhabitants mostly Muslims more devoted to Islam in this country.


It should be noted that, almost 100% of the missionaries who went to the training, never had any problems, not one, with discipline and rebellion against their local leaders who sent them there to practicing! Humbly accept their placement to any area where there is need of them and are, in general, always submissive to their leaders and toil hard in the Work of the Lord in distant places of Guinea-Bissau.


Finally, they also pray unceasingly for the spiritual needs of believers and still support financially, the extent of their ability, to the neediest in the Body of Christ. Today, they are the leaders of Mission WEC International in the Country, already a few years ago, invited and selected their leaders superior. Also they were requested and chosen to be Members of the National Council of the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau , Role play until now, even outside of the Country, for reasons of obligations inevitable.


The pastor Zacchaeus is the author of several and different literary works in Christian main Native Language Commonly spoken in the Country, Creole, with different themes and issues very relevant to spiritual growth of the Church of Christ in Guinea-Bissau. Each year they write and publish one or more books very much sought after, in Creole! Thanks be to God.


The Pastor Zacchaeus is one of the servants of the Lord with peculiar characteristics and distinct: He is humble, respectful, communicative, mergeable, dedicated, very decisive and with excellent insight in the work of the Lord. This missionary couple is part of the long list of voices of the Lord who has rarely substitutes in their functions! Sincerely, before the Lord, it is very difficult to speak of the man of God as this! No more talk for now, we sign with highest Considerations and esteem in Christ Jesus.


Bissau, August 15, 2014.


Pastor Caetano Indami

Nacional Council

The President