Nigeria Missions Fields


Healing, deliverance, quenching the fiery darts of the wicked is being wrought
through our hands, - what amazing God! - Not of the Jews only but of gentiles also, the God of all flesh. Missions still remains the heartbeat of God the father, - HE wants all souls saved and His creatures back to Him, except those who at will chose to stray.





’Just like pouring cold water on a thirsty soul – it satisfies, refreshes and relieves; such is the case of the gospel around us here in the field, many a-times we feel inadequate for God’s use but in His love and mercy has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the mighty.

The gospel story is told in its simple but sound manner to every creature and to our surprise (though we are the presenter) souls are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit as the power of God sweeps through the jungle. As if its not enough HE heals, delivers and set the oppressed free amongst us. PTL! #

To be candid, it’s not been easy but the Lord has being our strength and courage: we suffer attacks, criticisms, persecutions, oppositions and torturing from other religions especially Islam, still,-the Lord of host and the Lover of all souls proves Himself always. – PTL! #



We work and dwell among the rural people who predominantly are Muslims – 90%, Animist 5%, Idol worshippers 4% and Nominal Christian & others 1%. The tribes(people groups) available are : the Bussawas, Kemberis, Larus, Bokos, Hausas, Bokbarus, Barubas, Batonous, Tivs, Fulanis, Gandawas, Few minority tribes and some migrated French-speaking-people from North Africa and Benin republic.

Despite that we have some tribes (Unreached people groups) as our target, yet we give the gospel to everyman as we believe that God want all men saved and His creatures (handwork) back to Him.

Our work – Some of the things we do:

Literacy class: Of course 99.99% of the people we deal with are pure illiterates; so another aspect of our work is the literacy class, adult education and practising i.e. establishing school among them.

Church planting: we do plant church(es) among the unreached people groups i.e. major and minor tribes who are yet to know the love of Christ. It’s a big task and very difficult especially among Muslim folks, yet we have some churches among them.

Discipleship training: For every lasting work on the field, there must be proper discipling as Christ commands. And by experience we’ve learnt this to be the best way for a successful work.

Community Development: To reduce the rate of suffering if we are not able to remove all of it, also to contribute to human and world development thereby making the earth a better place to stay,-- Community Development by digging wells to provide water, Establishing schools, Para medical attention, HIV enlighten lectures & administering of antiretroviral drugs, Training/teaching on safety against wild animals around, Landscape work, Health education, Youth empowerment programme, counselling, Training for women and many others. #


Evangelism: One of our sincere target has been evangelism (to win souls and made them after the similitude of Christ); despite all odds and oppositions, we keep at it, -- getting results. PTL! #

Our method in evangelising is: *Evangelism *Establishment: After people are saved, we do everything possible to get them established in the faith. *Equipping: we equipped them to be committed to fellowship and course of Christ. *Execution: This is the practice of God’s given ministry, talents, gifts (spiritual and physical) to profit the church, the brethren and the world around, which we do encourage. *Extending: Now we can send them out to do likewise, - extending god’s kingdom. #



Target your Prayers:

1. Pray that the Lord will keep the missionary, his team and all the people from wild (carnivorous) animals; - many have been devoured already.

2. Pray that the Lord will help us, raise more labourers to meet the demand and challenges of reaching other places where we are being invited (called).

3. Pray that God will raise more financial support for the work, Bible provisions, and other projects on ground e.g. sinking a borehole for drinking water, equipping the literacy class, medical attention.

4. Pray that God will provide wives for some of our converts as they were refused by their own people because of their faith in Christ.


We need : 5 Bicycles, 4 Motorcycles, a video projector, Language Bibles, a Camcorder, a digital camera and Building materials for the churches: if the Lord has chosen to use you on any of these needs (whole or Part) contact the address below.



All correspondence, questions, inquiries, donation for support, or you want to partner with us to:

Isaiah D. Lawon
The Chairman, -Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA)
International director, - Fullstature Missions International,
P.O.Box 29929, Secretariat P.O,
4 Parliament Highway,
Secretariat Ibadan,
Oyo State,
Nigeria or

Office: 234-2-8104047 Mobile: + 234 802 333 9638