To meet the vast needs of our people and staff in Africa, FMI has to create a number of offices in Nigeria. Our FMI–International office and FMI–Nigeria headquarters are located in Ibadan OYO State, Nigeria. We have to create regional offices in:


Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Oshogbo, Abeokuta and Lokoja


We are in the process of starting other local offices in communities across the country. Because FMI must be a relationship-based mobilization of the mass-of –ordinary believers as opposed to a traditional corporate organization, we must place high value on creating a local presence in communities with a passion for our cause. Our dream is to eventually have local offices east –to west and North to south in all 36 states.


There are a number of opportunities for partners like you to get involved at each of our offices in the Nigeria, as an individual or as part of a group. Whether you’re interested in going to the fields, sponsoring a child, visiting one of our ministry sites overseas, donating resources, volunteering, or taking part in an event in your area, our staff is eager to help you get connected. 


Join A Team — Become A Team Member.
You can join a FMI exploration Team as a Team Member on a scheduled trip with an existing FMI team or a team leaving from your church or community. FMI will connect you with a Team Leader who will consider your application and help you prepare for the trip. As a Team Member, you are responsible for interacting with your Team Leader to receive training materials, and you are required to attend scheduled team meetings.


Exploration Teams or short term teams use their knowledge and unique experience to partner with our in-country staff in serving our nationals and their communities.  Below are types of Exploratory Trips:

FMI desires to raise each person with the knowledge that God created them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. Participate in a team project that focuses on evangelism, discipleship, pastoral training, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and more.

Participate in an education team or project that equips and empowers students to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Take part in training and mentoring of local teachers, provide curriculum, and teach strategies and techniques that will strengthen and improve education practices for the students and their educators.

Provide medical care, dental care, trauma counseling, and/or health education to children and adults, imparting healthy habits, proper hygiene techniques, and positive lifestyle choices that will aid in the progress of overcoming the cycle of poverty and disease and can be passed on for generations to come. We go with the power of the Holy Spirit for healing the incurable and deliverance for the oppressed and the demonized.

Work on a construction project that allows FMI to provide GUEST PLACES, CAMPS, medical clinics, schools, community centers, and other facilities.  Whether you’re a professional in a construction field or you just have a little bit of experience, you can take part in building and maintaining structures that will improve the quality of life of our people.

Learn about our in-country programs firsthand and experience how FMI is raising persons-One-at-time to changes communities and nations. Meet FMI staff, visit schools and clinics, and ask questions with the intention of discovering how you can partner with FMI in our mission.

Participate in a team project that focuses on providing sustainable development initiatives like clean water, agriculture, or micro-enterprise opportunities. Transformation of a people’s life and a country must include giving communities the tools and resources that allow them to thrive in the long term. Through a Sustain trip, you can be a part of this mega change.

Visit Your Child
Visiting the field or project you supporting can be an exciting and encouraging experience for both you and your sponsored persons. We greatly encourage building relationships within the FMI family. This trip will offer you the opportunity to meet, face-to-face, the people you sponsor, to meet the in-country staff who are faithfully raising these people, and to become part of a global movement of people who are committed to partnering with these in-country staff. Our wish is that our FMI family would become your family and their needs become your needs.