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In most college campuses today, there are truly cross-cultural mission fields with a need for missionaries who will share the truth of the gospel in a way that connects uniquely with today’s college student.


At FMI some of our missionaries are following the calling to reach college campuses with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to motivate and mobilize students to align their lives towards the completion of the Great Commission.


Our aspiration is to unswervingly raise up generations of student leaders who will fervently and submissively serve Jesus throughout their lives.


In this mission we have seen many students come to faith for the first time, take new risks to join God’s mission on campus, and go on to become significant kingdom influencers after graduation.


Seeing students converted and buy-in into the mission vision is our primary goal on college campuses.


We couldn’t perform this work without the prayers and generous giving of the thousands of individuals who have partnered with FMI to support the work of these missions.


These supporters are champions, sacrificing what they can to support this work so that God might do something magnificent through this partnership.