Make missions personal in a serious way. Can you eat this 100 grams of fat  or you wish you could share the same with the world?  Really, can you share 100 grams of fat with the poorest of the poor in some remote part of the world then you are probably one person that will save the perishing and the hungry.







Personal Strategies for Operation World

At 3:00 am one cold morning a missionary candidate walked into an office for a scheduled interview with the examiner of the mission agency. He waited till 8:00am when the examiner arrived.

  The examiner said: “Let us begin, first could you spell baker.  ‘B-a-k-e-r'  the young man replied ‘very good ‘

‘Now lets see what you know about figures. How much is twice two?’’  ‘Four’ replied the candidate. ‘ Very good’ the examiner said. ‘I will recommend you to the board tomorrow that you be appointed, you have passed the test!’

At the board meeting the examiner reported back the following:

“ He has all the qualifications of a missionary. Let me explain:-

  1. I tested him on self-denial by asking him to report at 3:00 am at my house. He left a warm bed and came out in the cold without a word of complaint.

  2. I tried him out on punctuality. He appeared on time.

  3. I examined him on patience. I made him wait for 5 hours to see me, after telling him to meet me by 3am.

  4. I tested him on humility. I asked him questions that a small child could answer and showed no offence.

  5. I tested him on temper. He failed to show any sign of it. He didn’t even question delay.

  6. He meets the requirement and will make the missionary we need.


This young man had a strategy for operation world. The examiner also had his own strategy for operation world. Do you?


Operation world is the soldiers’ acronym for reaching out operationally to the whole world.


Would you have been selected if you were this candidate? Are you qualified?

Do you have what it takes to go give and pray?

I believe we can transform a poor man beyond his wildest imagination just by sharing bread with him and some burger! Join us to share life.