Our International Headquarters Building Project

That Would Serve Missionaries, Christians and Christian Professionals In Many Ways.



Purpose of the Headquarters


1. Training.

 Missionaries in the 21st century need to be adequately trained and prepared for the new kinds of challenges that they will certainly face in our changing times. The proposed facility will offer us the opportunity to bring various segments of our missionary force home for on-going training and re-orientation all year round and training new ones. This will serve as our apostolic base.


2. Administration.

Fullstature Missions International is a rapidly-growing movement. We need to increase our ability to organize and order our operations in such a way that we keep pace with our rate of growth. It is important that we establish clear accountability structures and mechanisms to ensure that we are adequately providing care for our precious missionaries and believers. The facility will also help us keep our friends and partners sufficiently informed about what is going on within our ranks.


3. Hospitality.

Every now and then, our missionaries should be able to take time off for some much-needed rest and refreshment away from their fields of service. Again, we have realized how important it is to have a place where we can take care of our ever-increasing number of partners and visitors who pass through our mission each year.


Missions in the 21st Century will demand the coming together of the Body of Christ around the world, and we need to position ourselves to offer the right hand of fellowship to our visitors.


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