We combine our mission work and evangelism with delivery of clothing, food, orphan and medical care, farming aid and other benevolent assistance to the people groups.  We help the people group in our mission fields in economically distressed situations.  


We follow Christ's pattern of showing love by meeting physical needs to gain the opportunity to address the urgent spiritual needs of non-Christians. We partner with many christian organizations, christian businesses and Christ-Centered mission churches and individual believers to accomplish these tasks.


You can join us in following Christ's pattern of showing love by meeting physical need of the people groups in order to gain the opportunity to evangelize them. Our desire in every situation in the mission field is to honor the Lordship of Jesus Christ, our Savior, while we help the needy people group and also reach out to their spiritual appetite.


One major resource collected by FMI is good used clothing and shoes. We distribute these items to the needy people group. Sewing machines and materials are also needed. 


If you desire to donate clothing or material things to support our mission, please, click on the following icon to proceed: