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The vision of the South African field was birth in 2012, when FMI was also registered in South Africa. The fulfilment of the vision commenced in Mthatha town, but was suspended due to logistics. However in 2014, due to prayers and readiness, the work gathered strength.


The South African field is directed by the Holy Ghost, through Rev. Adewale 'Koya, with the mission station of FMI-South Africa presently located in Dobsoville, via Johannesburg.


Introduction: SOUTH AFRICA (The people, history and lifestyle) 

The South African field of about fifty (50) million people is a peculiar terrain in Africa. The nation, which of course gained freedom; just twenty years after going through serious apartheid struggles and oppression in the past is jointly owned by the Blacks, the Whites, the Indians and the 'Coloured'.

There are eleven official languages here (both English, Africans and native languages of Zulu, Xhosa, Tsonga, Sutu, Venda, etc. 


South Africa is a land of opportunities in the area of trade and commerce for foreigners, because majority of the citizen loves to depend on the government for every thing. Citizens get grants here.

It is quite a well advanced country with the Technology, Energy, Infrastructure, Education, Health Care Services, national Welfare, Security and Politics, BUT the knowledge and power of the gospel has not gained genuine momentum.


It is known as a Christian nation, but a higher percentage of the worshippers are given to 'spiritual' and ancestral worship. You may run into a big trouble, by telling an average South African, that ancestral worship is false worship, in Christianity. In fact an average youth in the suburbs will tell you that "Jesus Christ is a white man; and it was the white man that colonised them and brought apartheid."


I have lived as missionary in different places across the nation (in cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province, East London in the Eastern Cape Province. I also lived in towns like - King Williams Town and Mthatha; even in surburbs like Corana village near Mthatha and Soshanguve- outskirts of Pretoria.. 


However, within my forty (40) months of stay so far, i have come to discover that the best way to reach the people is to first, begin to give attention to MINISTERIAL/ MISSIONARY TRAINING of the leadership of the existing churches. Planting of new churches among them will not really reach them because any Church not planted by a South African is seen as a foreign church and their pastors as foreigners. (This seems to be the effect of past apartheid regime). Foreigners - especially blacks are not fully welcome here, due to xenophobic lifestyle of the people. In fact, some foreigners who dared to live in the villages are often killed.