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  • Guinea-Bissau is a small country colonized by the Portuguese, bordering Senegal and Guinea Conakry.

  • It is an ECOWAS state having a very loving people who are always welcoming and open to visitors.


They fought the Portuguese for eleven years to gain independence. The few good things that were established by the Portuguese were destroyed in anger. They gained independence in 1974.

  • In 1998 there was a civil war (A Military rebellion) that lasted eleven months. Many more things were destroyed, taking the country backwards.

  • No President elect has finished his term in office. He is either removed by coup, killed or died a natural death.

  • The country being one of the poorest in the world has no single Aircraft. The President depends on neighbouring countries for a ride when there is any International meeting.

  • Some Governors have no car.

  • Even some Regional (State) government houses have no electricity just like the masses.

  • No tarred roads, nor portable water in the Regional Capitals.



  • It is the only country in the sub-region yet to be Islamized.

  • Moslems claim to be up to 50%

  • The Animists (Traditional Religionists) are 38%

  • Christians of all category are about 12%

  • True believers of all denominations are about 3%

  • Pastors are only found mostly in cities and towns as the villagers cannot sustain a pastor.

  • Money is being pumped into G/Bissau from the Arab world to build Mosques, bore holes and schools. They have great entrance and acceptance because a hungry man cannot wait to wash hands when food arrives.

  • Even the tribes that had resisted Islam vehemently are now turning to it since 2010.

  • Women are now veiling in some towns and villages.

  • Koranic schools are now increasing.

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