Sustainable Development


Worldwide, more than one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water or adequate sanitation, and every year thousands of people die from waterborne diseases. FMI and its partners aim to eliminate dirty water from the communities we serve through filtration, purification, and education. This will increase school attendance, lower infant mortality/illness, and give young people a better chance to thrive. To view current Water Projects (click here) this link will be directed to the bore hole among the Komkombas in Ghana.


EDUCATION- we have set up schools in different countries, and need the input of experts in these area and also those that can volunteer. We have schools from primary to senior high school so as to bring to pass our strategic objectives.


COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT- we have set up homes where we care for youths and children-a project for changing a nation. There are many development agencies and some are part of the agencies with experience in developmental issues around the world. We desire and intend to run honestly and faithful without financial leakages.


FEEDING THE POOREST OF THE POOR AND DONATION OF SUPPLIES-There are people who have this experience, we will like to partner and be trained further to package food and send to some countries.


MEDICAL- We had a consultant orthopedic surgeon go to one of our fields and performed 20 major surgeries and 7 minor ones. We have carried medicines across borders as strategies to help bring the gospel and for long term impact and reception.


CONSTRUCTION-We have done project build in building these schools.. Now we have acres of land and we love have experience hands to train in the area of CABIN building to house short-termers from overseas who may be visiting any of our fields.


MICRO-ENTERPRISES- We have raw materials in our fields most of which can be transformed into manufactured goods or can be transported to cities for sale. We trust God to provide start up capital in different situations.


SALVATION AND DISCIPLESHIP- Thank God that we have seen many covert and turned to faith in Jesus and churches have been birth  and helped in many tribes. We have had open doors in churches and revivals have been sparked in many congregations. You join in this area as a career missionary or a short terme working with FMiers wherever they are found in the fields.