You may be having challenges, use the opportunity of these “testimonies which is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev 19:10) to announce your victory.  The Lord bless you. 


The first miracle that spoke to our name Fullstature!

We were launched privately on the 30th of May, 1993 and publicly on the 13th June, 1993.  After the message rev. Lawon made an altar call for sinners to be saved and many came forward.  He subsequently called out for someone whose hand was shorter than the other.  A woman responded, came forward before the crowd and prayer was made and the shorter grew until it became perfectly okay in size and length.


This was recorded on video as it happen.  The woman (Mrs  O) later testified that an evil wind blew on her hands and the hand withered and became shorter than the other – by about 1½ inches but now healed. Praise the Lord.





This miracle became a common occurrence in our meetings.  Especially those with one deaf ear.  Many one-deaf ear persons have been tested and have heard clear to drop of a pin!  Praise the Lord.





One of the things God does for a fresh work and invasion of territories is acquisition of space.  I recall extensive prayer, fasting and waiting on the Lord in Kano, Nigeria in 1991.  I had a night visitation in which I saw a flying 4-corner sheet descending from heaven.  It landed on a cassava farm.  I saw that 3 –angels that came with it. When it landed there was a wave on the cassava.  The angels proceeded to make a tent of tarpaulin pinning down the 4 corners.  My wife and I were on the North West corner of the land and the angels came to us saying the land was for our use for the work of the Lord and ascended again to heaven after the instruction.


In 1994, I was in my house detained by the word of the Lord to stay indoors and I was visited this time by an Estate Agent whom I have never met.  After a long dribble to shield my identity from the man who said he was looking for “Pastor Lawon” I owned up and told me I was the one.  He said, he had a parcel of land he wanted to sell and he heard I was looking for landed property for ministry.


This was 8 months after we started ministry.  Both of us proceeded to the place.  He parked his car at the gate of the Oyo State, (Nigeria) House of Assembly and walked across the Parliament Road.  I followed him and he pointed at the plot and the moment I stepped on the land my understanding opened and I recalled my vision exactly 3 years back.  IT WAS THE CASSAVA FARM.  Long story short after some negotiations divine interventions, our International is located there today.  Praise the Lord.


I.D. Lawon.




The Fullstature Missions International has faced challenges but God has had mercy on us.We carry out mobilization on University Campuses and churches to raise men,  money and material resources for the tribes we are reaching.  We had this young lady who had just graduated from university and she was very zealous for the Lord.  They went in a team to the Ondo Reverine Area (Nigeria) for a short-term trip to the mission field. 

In those days we move by faith and (ignorance also). These young people were not wearing any life jackets and they had to cross the lagoon in many places.


Suddenly, the boat rocked and this lady fell into deep water.  She did not know how to swim (neither a life jacket).  The struggle started.  She went down once, twice and the third time the “boat man” was able to rescue her.  Praise, the Lord.  We learnt our lesson! It was generally assumed that if she had not been saved the third time that she would have drowned! But the Lord had mercy on us.





One of our disciples we trained in the riverine area was sent to a village for his practical attachment.  The only local church in the area was almost abandoned, so he decided to work with the local members to revive the place.  He tried for some time and saw no changes but he persisted in prayer, which paid off.


He discerned by the gift of the Spirit that a python spirit was hindering the move of God in that local church.  He suggested to the senior elder that the church Musical Organ be moved because he believed a python hindering the church was under the Organ.  This of course raised doubts and apprehension but the disciple persisted and, persuaded them to lift the old-age organ!  Low and behold a Phyton was lying under this musical equipment for years! It was killed and revival broke out in the village. Praise the Lord.





In December 2002, we held a crusade outside the door of our building.  This was an end of the year evangelistic effort.

We preached and many people were saved but an outstanding miracle happened to a young boy who had one blind eye.

Praised God, after prayer one evening, the boy was healed and his parents brought him forth and testified.  Amen.



A young man named “Yale” was referred to us by another servant of God because he tested positive to HIV/AIDS at a National leading hospital.  When we interviewed him we found out that he had not lived in sexual immorality but contacted the deadly virus somehow!  We also found out that he was not baptized in the Holy Spirit.  We led him through scriptures to bolster his faith and then ministered to him on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


He was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit speaking with other tongues, this gladdened our hearts and we ministered to him to be healed of AIDS.  He later went to the same hospital and tested negative.  Today, he preaches and plants churches internationally under the ministry God used him to birth.






We were in Kumasi, Ghana to encourage our brethren there.  The meeting was well attended and after the service we began to minister healing, hope and deliverance to the people!  There was this woman who came under a spirit of divination and witchcraft.  She began to shout and rant.  She distracted everyone else whom we were quietly praying for, as she spoke in the local language.  We did not understand her but the Holy Spirit did. 


We began to minister to her and she became disruptive and violent.  At a point the other people who understood what she was saying said “she has turned mad” and at that point she threw away some of her clothes and made for the street.  We caught her and commanded the evil spirits to leave and they left forthwith and she became so calm as if nothing happened and was in right mind.  She picked up her baby and went home praising God. Amen.





We were in Togo, West Africa ministering with our missionaries there.  On the last day of this workers meeting we had noticed that one of them was walking with crutches.  We found out he had an accident and sustain a fracture in one of the legs.  After our last message we began to pray for some of them.  We called him forward and prayed for him he was healed, he threw away his crutches and began to lean on the broken leg.  Praise the Lord.





We were in a place called Oda in Ghana for a rally and our director in Ghana had come with a woman in his team from Accra – (about 3 hours drive).  On the last day we began to minister prophetically to the people one by one.  This particular lady was in line and we minister to her.  Later the director reported her case to be special as she had been barren for 13 years.  We asked her “were you in line during the prophetic ministry?  She said yes!  “what was the word to the Lord to her” she said the  word was that “she would laugh and therefore should rejoice” so we said – “remember the birth of Isaac, Sarah laughed!  So you will laugh as the Lord said.  And God confirmed his word with signs following as she became pregnant and had twins within 12 calendar months.  The twins are growing big now.  We love to see them when we are in Ghana.  Praise God.





We travelled extensively to do short-term training in Ondo State of Nigeria and did this consistently every weekend.  We were able to mobilize about 100 candidates in a few years from various churches and then released them to minister in very remote areas where no church existed or the churches were already dead.


In one of the trips, two of our disciples arrived in a village and the area was called “the land of sudden death”.  They visited the king and everyone knew some strangers were in the village.  They resorted to rest after that morning outing but suddenly in the afternoon, there was a cry from the palace that one of the king’s children had died. These disciples came forward to offer help and sympathy and because of what they carried- the power of God, they were led to offer to pray to restore the dead child back  to life.

They were allowed and they began to pray until that child came back to life after 3 hours. We must never give up.






We were visiting Ghana at the invitation of a reverend gentleman from the Methodist Church in Discove, Western Region. We had preached during the day and a night vigil.

During the night vigil the Lord gave us a specific word about “30 pieces of silver” and at that word many began to fall to the ground which was unusual and amazing to all.  They were delivered.  Praised God.


However, during the day on Saturday we took a small tour of the old slave castle in Discove which was the first slave port in West Africa because of its natural harbor!  We saw all manner of raw iron, which was usually heated red hot and used in branding slaves according to the companies that owned them!  We broke down to weep and immediately left to go to the parish to pray.


As we prayed there was a connection between the “30 pieces of silver” and those who sold by kinsmen into slavery.  We wept much and the Lord began to speak to us that “He had redeemed the land and where there had been slavery in the same place riches would come, that oil would be found within 5 years!”  We did not know that Attempts had been made for oil in this region before but none fund, God confirmed this, word within 3 years.  Today this is history.