Testimony and Need for Prayer to Reach the People groups

There is man called Alfa Azeez, he is about  35 years according to him, he said, he saw a great light for about 2 months. One day I went to visit Koko Community I met him at one of my representative’s house as they prepared to come to my house.


The man (Alfa) said for 2 months now he cannot rest concluding that if the missionary is passing by he will like to inform me but there was another spirit telling him do not when I was counseling him his (Alfa) wife came and began to insult me saying things and she said “my husband is not going to be a Christian because they have a covenant”.   Now, this was a Wednesday.  On Friday they brought Alfa to our vigil, we prayed together and prayed for him, when we closed he said Pastor “Come and burn all my charms and other evil things on Saturday.” This man had a Qurran mysteriously inserted into a glass bottle- a manipulation he was to invoke for riches! I went there with my team and prayed and burnt all the charms, and then on Sunday he came to the church with his wife.


Then something happened on Monday morning at 6am they brought him to me (mad).  I was afraid. Then we prayed and send them back home at 3pm I went there to visit him when he saw me he said Pastor you will not get home that the river I cross to come here I will die in it.  I said no I will get home safety then I said “Azeez it is not you that is speaking to me.”  Then he became calm, I prayed for him and he recovered immediately and stood up and brought food for us to eat.


The next day his Muslim parents came to kidnap him and up to date he has not yet come back, but his wife and children are attending the church at Koko.


Submitted by Missionary I. Yao-FMI, Budo Mare, Niger State, Nigeria