Mobilisaton for Mission (UK)


Do you know that it is not every tribe or ethnic group that has a church among them? In 1974, 50% of the population of the world was beyond the reach of the church. Since that time the churches all over the world have been working to see that changes. Now, the unreached peoples comprise a third of the world population. Jesus said: this gospel of the kingdom shall be published among all nations then the end shall come. (Matt 24:14)



Although the gospel has made major advances, some of the most difficult terrains and territories remain. Still unreached are the nations north of Nigeria spanning up to Jerusalem. This includes the Magreb, Arab and gulf peoples-all Muslim peoples. The unreached also include the Buddhist Brao of Cambodia, The Manchu of China, The Muslims of Russia and thousands of other groups.
There are 4000 significant ethno-linguistic people groups that have no viable witness. More than 1.5 billion people are yet to hear the gospel for the first time. Yet many are dying everday from malaria, AIDS and other killers and natural diasters. 4600 languages still have no portion of the scriptures and if translation efforts proceed at the present pace it will take another 100-150 years to provide some scripture in every major language




We are involved in mobilizing churches through:

1. Annual Advancing Missions Conferences, which holds at our Auditorium in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, every second wednesday of the month of August.

2. Regional Mission Conference.

3. Mobilization in different Ministries that are willing to learn more about World evangelisation and what role they could play.


Church in Mission Conference is sponsored and organized by churches like yours. You will be in the drivers seat of this church driven organization that is serving YOU. We are inviting pastors and church leaders and their members to unite and be part of this movement for the commission given to the apostles long ago.


We invite you and the local body to become church partners with our annual Missions Conference.
Each conference brings powerful speakers, good music, information, relevant workshops. The event is a valuable resource to churches and mission organisations.