Utilize My Skills and Talents

Development for the total Person


The man, Jesus Christ is our model and our hero, FMI places emphasis on development like Jesus- physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.



In every place where we have the resources to attempt to provide clothing, food, drugs, water and children centers for our people – children , youths and adults.

  • Are you a doctor or a dentist? Serve as a medical or dental consultant.

  • Do you have construction-related skills? Donate your services (builders, plumbers, electricians, etc.) to one of our countries to work on a project.

  • Food is one of the greatest needs of our children. Are you a farmer or agriculturalist? Impart your expertise to our farm staff.



We value that we be culture current, so we want to impress on our communities that it is God that sent us to care for them and they must care for their neighbours.

  • Music in the local area is adopted including storytelling and dressing to encourage aspects of their heritage.

  • Maintaining cultural values including traditional, storytelling and dress are important to us. Travel to one of our countries and serve as a consultant, offering advice on ways to encourage this in our programs.



We provide education for our people through Primary to Senior Secondary School, adult literacy and skill training.  We believe education is one of the keys to transforming communities ultimately.

  • Do you have experiencing or training in trauma or grief counseling? Serve as a consultant or travel to one of our countries and impart your knowledge.



We work cross-culturally, learning language, doing evangelism and other outreaches character training, worship, discipleship and introduce Jesus Christ to the Children, Youths and Adults so they, know how to follow Him.  We desire that they go from deliverance to full development in Him.


  • Travel to one of our countries to help with Vacation Bible School!