Professor Anthony Uwaifo Bsc, PhD.

Professor of Biochemistry, University of Ibadan (rtd.)

International Cancer Research Fellow.

Secretary of FMI Board of Trustees

Prof. Uwaifo finished  his Bsc in Biochemistry and subsequently Ph.d in the same Biochemistry on University Scholarship. He was employed as a lecturer  grade II and subsequently became a professor in 1983, the position he held till his retirement in 2008. During his service years he was head of the department thrice. He was also Sub-Dean Preclinical and postgraduate respectively.


Prof and His wife Remi, are foundation members of Fullstature Missions International (FMI).They love the Lord very deeply and have raised godly children who have taken after the parents as academicians and serious-minded Christians. He has head the prophetic Department for many years and is a seer prophet. His God-given ability to discern and compassion has been so profound benefit and life changing in character. His revelations can be proven and come to pass with precision and accuracy.


He won the international Cancer research fellowship in 1980 (IARC), the prestigious Eleanor Roosevelt American Cancer Research Fellowship, the Hollander Mutagenicity prize -one of the 7 awardees outside the USA to be awarded in the first award.


He was honored by being one of those invited to nominate a person to be awarded the NOBEL PRIZE FOR. CHEMISTRY IN 1990. He has been invited to referee the appointment of persons to professorship grade in several universities in Nigeria and Ghana.


The ministry has been privileged to have him and benefit from his professional and keen mind. He has been a member of the Board from inception of FMI. He is also a member of the board of Governors of the Fullstature College of the Bible and Missions (FCBM).